CRPTC [CRPT Classic or CRyPToCurrency]

is a legendary collectible digital asset

Initially, this digital asset was called CRPT and was used to pay transaction fees on Crypterium. However, following the KuCoin case in September 2020, the asset was hard-forked, making it independent and decentralized for real.

CRPTC is a digital asset with an ever-growing deficit. No additional issues are possible under the terms of the smart contract. The current smart contract cannot be modified either. Meanwhile, CRPTC tokens can be "burned" at will, so their number is constantly dwindling.


CRPTC only works on Ethereum and only under the smart contract with this address:


The CRPTC smart contract was launched on November 7, 2017. This contract complies with the ERC-20 standard. You can review the CRPTC smart contract program code on blockchain here. The CRPTC smart contract was audited by Ambisafe, a professional blockchain developer.

How to buy or sell CRPTC

If you wish to buy or sell CRPTC, a few options are currently available. In most cases, you would go via a Decentralized Exchange or a P2P (Peer-to-Peer)/OTC (Over-the-Counter) arrangement.

If you are holding more than 50,000.00 CRPTC, you can sell them to the CRPTC BDSM Team at a rate no lower than 0.0001 WBTC apiece. To do this, send a request to, specifying the proposed transaction's address, which designates the location of more than 50,000.00 CRPTC.

Centralized crypto exchanges can, at their option, trade in CRPTC as well.

How to add CRPTC to MetaMask, Trust Wallet, MyEtherWallet or other tools for making transactions

If you have to add CRPTC to a centralized service, ask that service directly. The addition process is as easy as it gets because CRPTC complies with the widespread ERC-20 standard.

Click the button for adding a token ("Add Token", "Add Custom Token", or a similar name) and type in the values:

  • 01In the smart contract address field

    ("Contract Address", "Token Contract Address", or a similar title), insert


  • 02In the ticker field

    ("Symbol", "Token Symbol", or a similar title), if editable, specify CRPTC. If the field is not editable, leave the auto-filled value (CRPT)

  • 03In the name field (e.g., "Token Name")

    if editable, type in CRPT Classic. If the field is not editable, leave the auto-filled value (CrypteriumToken)

  • 04In the decimal precision field

    ("Decimals", "Decimals Places of Smallest Unit", or a similar title), unless the value fills in automatically, enter 18

  • 05Done!

If you have to add CRPTC to some centralized service, ask that service directly. The addition process is as easy as it gets, because CRPTC conforms to the widespread ERC-20 standard.

What happened in September 2020

In September 2020, the major crypto exchange KuCoin was hacked. The hackers stole 150 mln USD worth of digital assets from KuCoin, including ~10.5 mln CRPTC (then CRPT). These CRPT are now "buried" at one of the hackers' addresses.

To preempt a massive dump of CRPT tokens on the market by the hackers and protect the holders, Crypterium launched a re-tokenization, offering everyone to swap their "old" tokens for the new ones during the period of two years. You can learn more about this case here, here, and here.

Story map

    • August 2017

      Crypterium development launched

    • September 2017

      Marketing strategy planned

    • October 2017

      Token sale launched (wooing an audience for the upcoming project)

    • January 2018

      The earliest versions of Crypterium mobile app go on the App Store and Google Play

    • December 2017

      Start of the physical delivery of tokens to buyers' addresses

    • November 2017

      Smart contract deployed on blockchain

    • January 2018

      Token sale end (more than 70,000 token buyers covered by the marketing campaign)

    • January 2018

      Further token minting technically prohibited at the smart contract level, and the prohibition cannot be revoked or circumvented

    • February 2018

      All tokens unlocked lump-sum at the smart contract level (no re-lock possible)

    • March 2018

      Token sale’s funds released from the escrow, and their use for the Crypterium development

    • March 2018

      CRPT can now be used as utility tokens on Crypterium

    • February 2018

      The licenses "Providing a virtual currency wallet service" and "Providing services of exchanging a virtual currency against a fiat currency" obtained in Estonia

    • April 2018

      The license "Operating as a financial institution" obtained in Estonia

    • May 2018

      Monthly Loyalty Program launched on Crypterium

    • June 2018

      Token hits third-party crypto exchanges, an aftermarket emerges

    • June 2019

      The amount of tokens owned influences the tariff plans of the Crypterium Card

    • February 2019

      Token delivery to buyers' addresses completed (the buyers had 12 months following the end of token sale to provide their addresses for token delivery)

    • October 2018

      The automatic token "burning" process goes into action on Crypterium according to its business logic

Other prospective uses for CRPTC

CRPTC can be used not only by humans, but also for settlements between various artificial intelligence entities. Any project is welcome to implement a new CRPTC usage logic (and nobody's permission is required for this).

CRPTC holders can earn an extra income by providing liquidity on the appropriate specialized platforms.

Is there anything I can do to make CRPTC value grow?

Yes, you can if you are willing to "burn" some of the CRPTC you hold. It's kind of like making a donation, only no one gets the CRPTC: they get annihilated irreversibly, reducing the overall CRPTC balance remaining in the blockchain and thus spurring a shortage. To do this, send your digital assets to this designated address:


All CRPTC held at this address get "burned" periodically, usually within three months.

Who are the CRPTC BDSM Team

The CRPTC Business Development, Sales & Marketing Team is a non-profit action group dedicated to promoting CRPTC for the benefit of the community. The group includes, among others, the CRPT token creators and Crypterium project founders. The CRPTC BDSM Team is not a CRPTC issuer, CRPTC owner, or CRPTC "authorized seller".

Today, CRPTC belong to everyone and no one. Even the CRPTC smart contract creator enjoys no special rights or privileges over and above those enjoyed by any other CRPTC holder. In addition to the CRPTC BDSM Team, anyone is welcome to contribute to promoting the CRPTC digital asset.

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