Beware of scam

Due to big hype around CRPT tokens, there occasionally appear malevolent persons and groups of persons who deceive existing owners of CRPTs or those wishing to acquire CRPTs. They may attempt to take possession of your tokens under different pretexts, lure you to provide access data for your CRPT token storage or default under private (outside the official services and exchanges) transactions of token purchase and sale.

We kindly request you to be careful in your storage and usage of CRPT tokens. Please follow our main recommendations so as not to fall victim to fraudsters:


Do not buy, do not sell and do not exchange CRPTs outside the official sites. The most reliable instruments are those that are mentioned on this internet site. If an account with a licensed exchange or with a popular service supports KYC, we recommend to pass KYC prior to executing operations with the token.


Do not send your tokens to people who promise to return more tokens. No official airdrops or any other promotions are conducted for CRPT. But even if they were conducted, it would never be required to send your tokens anywhere.


Keep your tokens in a reliable place, observing security recommendations. We recommend to store and use CRPTs in the Crypterium mobile app.


Treat letters and messages from allegedly CRPT or Crypterium representatives with caution. Carefully check the spelling of logins in messengers and sender addresses in e-mail. Remember that we usually don't write first and we make no offers.


Don't trust the sites posing as official online resources of CRPT or Crypterium. This could be phishing. If in doubt about anything, ask a question in the Telegram chat.

There may be fraud occurrences with CRPT tokens! Please exercise caution! Find out more